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    Advanced Data for your Growth Strategy

  • celebrating 10 years!

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    We are in the business of developing business intelligence solutions catering the Oncologic Market among other like RA, MS, UC/CD in Puerto Rico. We have meticulously crafted our offerings for Specialty Data Acquisition, Consolidation, and Business Intelligence (BI) to meet the client’s unique requirements. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional results and demonstrating how our solution can effectively contribute to the success of this pharmacovigilance initiative.

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    What do we offer?

    Establishing a business partnership withAdvanced BMO (ABMO) offers the customer a range of significant advantages. Byleveraging this collaboration, the customer gains a comprehensive understandingof the target market basket, enhanced by valuable data acquired through abroader market purchasing approach.

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    Gain a clear market view and a competitive edge with better data.

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    Stay ahead of the competition with early, secure data access.

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    Customize, monitor, and leverage adherence for success.

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    Access consulting with local/virtual experts.

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    Ensure compliance for Anti-Kickback / Quid Pro Quo regulations.

  • Why us

    Advanced Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical Success

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    ABMO’s robust BI platformefficiently manages essential pharmaceutical data, encompassing product classification, drug name, and lifecycle status. With this valuable information, decision-makers gain accurate insights for strategic planning and market analysis, contributing to successful interventions and outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry.


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    For ten years, our customers have benefit fromour comprehensive Analytical and Management services, leveraging our data aggregation and BI tools across various aspects of their business operations. These services encompass market trends analysis, visualization, forecasting, risk and opportunities assessments, adherence monitoring, incentive compensation programs, and electronic data collection and analytics. Accessed through our proprietary software SaaS Portal, our Visualizations, Aggregation, and Analytics Services provide secure and controlled access to our customers based on their contracted areas and users.


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    Our latest and most recent offering to provides our customers with tools aimed enhancing Patient Care through Adherence Metrics in Oncology. By incorporating key metrics related to specialty pharmacies within the Oncologic market, we elevate the value of our services. Our data-driven “Insights Module” tracks turnaround time, average time to therapy, refill adherence rate, and more are tailored to oncology's unique needs. This demonstrates our commitment to transparency, efficiency, and timely access to oncology medications, critical in cancer treatment. Monitoring adherence patterns can lead to improved treatment outcomes. Our specialized information solidifies our position as a trusted partner, reinforcing our leadership in exceptional services for oncology patients and healthcare providers.


  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Three pillars of expertise

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    Ricardo Aponte

    Chief Executive Officer

    Business Technology & Development, Software Design, and Data Management.

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    Franco Sotomayor

    Chief Operations Officer

    Corporate Sales, Operations, Marketing, Executive Administration & Legal Counseling.

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    Cristóbal Cintrón, DrPH MSc.

    Chief Analytics Officer

    Health Insurance Management, Healthcare & Business Analytics, Accreditations & Research.

  • in summary

    Data Aggregator, Business Intelligence, Pharmaceutical Data, Custom Software, HIPAA Compliance, Secure Data Encryption, Business Analytics, Adherence Programs, Healthcare Improvement, Early Treatment, Prevention.


    ADVANCED BMO is a local data aggregator and business intelligence (BI) company in Puerto Rico. Our services range from managing some of the pharmaceutical companies' data needs as well as BI consolidations and reporting services. We also provide customized software applications for our clients.


    Our company buys de-identified transactional data from multiple specialized sources, runs it through our HIPAA compliant secure data encryption process, adds our business analytics factor to provide better visibility & business intelligence thus, generating adherence programs for specialized products within the local pharmaceutical companies


    We bring a unique way to see beyond the wholesale numbers into a detailed level that permits the industry to reach out to the precise physicians, pharmacies and laboratories at the right time. This brings a great deal of improvement to the overall healthcare services that patients receive, helping provide early treatment or even preventing some situations.